July 8, 2012

Warung Pasinaon

Saturday June 30th 2012
I went to Wapas(Warung Pasinaon) Bergas. I Met mam Tirta for the second time.  She was so hospitable as like I met her for the first time.  My first purpose was to register to be member in Wapas,  we started to talk about everything instead, life, idol, chance, and sure she gave me motivation and spirit to built new TMB (Taman Baca) in Jatirunggo.  One thing that I remember is when she guided me and taught me how to learn from anyone. That everybody has a special on theirs own selves and can be an informant. Everybody included farmer, seller, teacher, un employment, laborer and etc have special skill, special story and experience.  Just believe on that! That was a basic point to make a relationship.  I have been known that things but sometimes forget too.  With her guidance I have become strong and felt enough to refresh this life.  I should not worry about who will be my informant, because everybody can be my informant.  I should not worry about the free space to make an interview with someone to be my informant. The informant is everywhere. Even I live in a box with the same people everyday, I still have chance to make my dream come true. Be writer, finding the information to my article and read a lot.  

Almost 2 hours I spent my time to share with her.  And I got back my passion, my old dream to be a writer, to make my life so meaningful. I want to leave something to this world, such important things to other people so that they will remember me forever.  
She told about her life.  How she used to be, how WAPAS begun! Short after knew her, I knew that so many similar person like her out of there.  Hmm….  then I realize I need to do something new, starting a new life with new hope.  I feel stronger to face my life.  I will create my chance.  And keep spirit in words “nothing impossible”. Related to my passion to be a writer, here I create some point for my attention.
First to create my chance is open relationship as much as I can. And always remember that no one is useless, they always have special things even just bad experience or someone who full of trouble, we can learn from their experiences.  Don’t consider you as genius persons who know everything. 
The second is starting, I want to be a writer then let’s start to write.  The difficult things I know better when I write is how to be honest in our written.  Some writer usually wants to make success article and liked by people.  But when they focus on that thing, they lose the honesty. Meanwhile, the content of your article still be the important part in writing. So let’s write by honest and permit your self as smart writer.
Third, always increasing your knowledge and skill is important.  Keeping relationship and reading a lot are kind of the way to increase our skill and knowledge.  But not only that, be smart writer is important things.  Without knowledge what I write will be nonsense, it is just like a gossip, fiction, and useless.  Always learn is the other way to keep it. Learn from the best part, learn from failed, instead the worst.  As you know, we can learn from everything, just some people forget that.
I got much there more than what I thought. At the first, I doubt went there but now I realized that if we want to go somewhere to increase our selves don’t be hesitate, just do it. We never know what will happen?
Just sometimes amazing things come without prediction. So let’s create our chance by learning and doing. Let’s start it now and on.

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