August 20, 2012

RAMADAN, Cleaning our heart & our room

August 12 2012 Is last Sunday in Ramadan this year. I spent my along day by visiting market and clearing all that should be clear before Eid.  Washing clothes as usual, founding Eid costume for my nephew (I got cheaper for this year), fitting my dress in tailor, bought new sandals (I got 2 sandals @Rp.70.000, I requested them to gave little discount, and they agreed to cut @Rp.4.000), that was not my plan getting sandals in the market store (I had plan to bought in mall) but those are looked nice on might feet.
Getting holiday only in one day is not felt like refreshing, it is more like get additional work.  You can’t finish all the things you need in Eid preparation only in one day.  But I have no choice than maximal it, Even though it went in hurried. I have no time to clear my room too. It looked like rubbish.  My mom wasn’t stop to grumble and complain me along day.  I became so stress!
Then I tried to organize my room step by step. I realized that dirty place would make chaos and continuously make life so full of distraction.  I looked around of my room and had noticed all things one by one.  There were so many things that I didn’t need anymore.  Ex plastics, medicine, clothes, box of shoes, wedding invitation are mix in one place. 
Actually, I am kind of person who love to save something even just plastic, wedding invitation, etc.  I have an opinion that all the things can be useful. I also think that I can reuse it one day later. Sometimes it really used but not too much in important things. 
Then I reviewed that sight.  I tried to count how may profit it had and how many loses I have got. I spent more much time to save those things than use it as well.  It impacted to my whole life, then I became fully stress, and it didn’t help me too much after being stressed from my workplace.  So in the middle of my bustle, I decided to put away those all rubbish things from my room.  I tried to let my perception go away and to live with few things which I really need only.  It was hard at the beginning, but I ensure my self that it will make my life easier for next, without, confused, messed, stressed, frustrated and etc.
It just needs 1-2 hours to make my room clean.  But I felt enjoy and quite after.  By cleaning room I can little enjoy with my life, can thinking fresh and smart than before.  I just finished cleaning a half of room, but it looked more clean and comfortable.  I think will finished all before Eid come. I can’t imagine having dirty room in Eid day.  Although I have done full fasting in a month, I will feel something less if my room was not clean yet.  Some people might disagree but that is choice, just simple choice to make my life more comfortable and enjoyable. 
I remembered in the previous Eid, I have not enough time to clean the room. I went to Eid Salat by leaving my room in mess.  It wouldn’t stop my big day, but little disturbing my composure. So I hope that case will not repeat in this year.  I will prepare all the things as well to face Eid. Hope Eid in this year will better than before. 
I think make our room clean is not only when Eid comes.  Me, you and others can do that to make our future day more enjoyable and fresh.  Especially for employees who have tight work time like me.

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