October 8, 2012

I hate sprue!

It has been 3 days for me not talk with people around. There is sprue in my mouth.
I can't eat also, just little with forced of course.  I miss when I can speak loudly, singing, hunting some foods with friend and talking with friends. I realized one thing, that become a dumb is bad.
I bring note to everywhere I go then write and show to the people who I want to talk about.  Felt fortune that nowadays there are so many ways to be happy, even not everything should be told. We can avoid to speaking directly, we can use BB, SMS, chat and etc.
owh I imagined some of my favorite food such bakso, steak, chicken noodle which definitely will hard to eat them all now. It felt like want to revenge to eat them all after healing this pain. I believe everything will gonna be alright after some days later, but I can't wait for that day! It is a misery. I want to finish the pain a soon as possible. That’s why I start to try some sprue medicine such "adem sari", "kenalog", vitamin c, "larutan penyegar cap kaki 3" but failed of all.
I become stress just because of sprue. I don't think that this small pain will annoy a human’s life.
Thus, this night after work, I will eat bakso, I mean I will force my self to eat it. I don't want this disease control me too much. I hope will not cut my tongue also (just imagination when the pain comes again).  From this ill I regret for one thing, I become so emotional with people around. How can you imagine that small disease will disturb your life and people around you?

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